What does it mean to have a strong immune system and how to achieve one.

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Immune system is your body’s defense against diseases coming from outside. And, having a strong immune system decreases the chances of viruses entering your body.

At Healthy Habits, we like to use an analogy to explain this:
Imagine a fish tank full of water with a fish inside. If you keep throwing dirty substances, the water will become dark and the fish will get sick. If you afterwards, start adding clean water, the water in the tank will start to clarify gradually and the fish will also gradually become healthy again.

The only way to have a strong immune system is to ingest food rich in nutrients and vitamins. And the only food rich in nutrients and vitamins are whole and unprocessed food.

And that’s what we sell at Healthy Habits Superfood Cafe. Clean, nutritious and whole food!


免疫系統是您的身體防禦外界疾病的防禦系統。 而且,擁有強大的免疫系統可減少病毒進入您體內的機會。

想像一下一個裝滿水的魚缸裡面有一條魚。 如果繼續扔臟東西,水會變黑,魚也會生病。 如果您此後開始添加乾淨的水,則魚缸中的水將逐漸澄清,魚也將逐漸變得健康。

擁有強大免疫系統的唯一方法是攝取富含營養和維生素的食物。 唯一富含營養和維生素的食物是未經加工的完整食物。

這就是我們在Healthy Habits Superfood Cafe出售的產品。 原生,營養豐富的佳餚!


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